Route 51 A8

15 Less Than 66.

  1. The Final Countdown

    Back2Basics ends in less than an hour! A8 improves everything sorta-kinda read the changelog.

    - Respawn times are better
    - Marked when the cart opens doors and stuff

    BLU Spawn:
    - Added internal spam cover

    - A one-way door appears in the BLU cave flank after A capture to prevent RED going to BLU spawn.
    - Improved lighting

    - Better signage
    - Better pickups
    - Better doorframes
    - RED now has a window in their spawn to prevent camping
    - Removed the health and ammo next to RED spawn to prevent camping.

    - The BLU shortcut to last now opens sooner after C is captured.
    - BLU has a small ammo pack in the studio room.
    - Reduced the large ammo to a medium in the plank pit.

    - Slightly closed BLU's angle window.
    - Removed the small ammo in the window room.
    - Removed and added more cover.
    - I moved the small health pack next to the computers back up to behind the post.

    Thanks internet for no one ruining the Area 51 meme too much, although it is completely irrelevant now, I still think the concept is interesting! Have fun and enjoy the map!
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