Route 51 A8

15 Less Than 66.

  1. A7

    There aren't many layout changes in A7. The changelog is big because I just put a bunch of the smallest changes. Instead, respawn times have been balanced to give both teams to either push or hold a point with at least 5 people. (Is it bad to update a map in less than 12hrs of the previous update?)

    - Respawn timers should allow players to play the game, together! Just seemed better that way.
    - Something something detailing and texturing.

    BLU Spawn:
    - No significant changes.

    - RED's health pack at the bridge has been updated to a medium.
    - Removed BLU's max health pack in their right flank to B.

    - Opened both windows on the bridge facing BLU's entrance.
    - Added a medium health and ammo pack to the computer room.
    - Removed RED's medium ammo pack on the ramp.
    - Removed RED's small health kit in their spawn hallway.
    - Added a medium health and ammo pack to RED's highground crates.
    - Added a medium ammo pack next to the generator near the fence area.
    - Gave RED an additional spawn exit towards B. Sorry pyros!

    - Divided the studio room in half, RED controls one half and BLU controls the other.
    - Created a choke which I'm going to have to rework with retrospect.
    - Added a small health kit in front of BLU's 2 doors before the movie set.
    - Removed the small ammo pack on the moon landing set.
    - Added a crate jump to get on that little bit of high ground next to C.
    - Added a shortcut through the studio room to speed up BLU to getting to last. Opens after BLU pushes the cart towards the bridge instead of opening on C capture.

    - Removed the crate sentry spot and just put a massive metal beam in it's place.
    - Gave RED less cover to defend with.
    - Opened the entrance room to the right flank.
    - Added a missing patch under the medium pack in the containment room.
    - Moved the small health kit behind the beam on RED's highground to in front of the computers on the bottom.
    - Removed RED's one-way spawn in the containment room.
    - Added a second window to the once cramped window room, BLU's left flank.
    - Added a crate jump giving RED's access to the window room.
    - Gave BLU more cover going down into the underground route.


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