Route 22

Route 22 A1

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Route 22 A1

A map on a Route to disaster!

A map, in which BLU must capture metal saucers from RED, and this is not part of the invasion update.


2 WHOLE control points!
A special surprise in BLU spawn!
Some kits lying around!

I like this map a bit, it's one of my better ones!

So, story time!

So, Grimmrock will now be known as 'Shittrock' from this point forwards.

Shittrock made me mad, it was dumb, and bad, and dumb.

So, here is a simpler map. How simple? Well, just 2-CP A/D! RED vs BLU, nothing to complicate shit up, like 3 points, or 5, or 1.....

So, theme?

Desert! Tried and tested, simple, yet it works. Hell, people still play maps like Badlands, and it's been like 3....

4.... 6..... 8.....Years since.... it was made.....

Huh. This game is getting a bit old..... Though, that won't stop me from making an awful at mildest map!

Oh yeah! I forgot the original topic.... Uhh....

Yes! The theme! Well, think of a little facility in the desert, at around sunset. A place where things come, and they go. Disappearing as soon as they are cataloged and loading onto a truck. Much as a metaphor for our life, we live short lives, always meeting people who will never see us beyond simply something they have to ship away to far off lands. Do we ever reach the destination intended for us? Maybe, but most will simply keep moving, until they wither away, as age takes its toll on those who keep passing, and eventually even the sturdiest of us will fall apart into nothingness.
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