Roll The Dice a6

Viaduct with a new gimmick every round

  1. Diva Dan
    ***Your server will need "sv_allow_pointservercommands" set to "always" to work!***

    Welcome to koth_rtd, a map where a 5-sided* dice is rolled every round to determine what variation of viaduct you play on! The possible gimmicks are listed below.


    Every time the hill is captured, the time scale is increased 20%. This means shooting, jumping, running, and respawning all get faster the more you trade points with the enemy. However, the time it takes to capture is left unchanged- it takes 20% longer to cap every time the hill is captured.

    Clock: 5 minutes


    Using color correction, the whole map turns monochrome. This means that you cannot differentiate red from blu as quickly. You also bump into your teammates for added confusion.

    Clock: 2 minutes


    Everyone is faster, smaller, and 5 times taller with big heads and thinner vocal cords. You are forced to third person although this will likely change.

    Clock: 3 minutes


    The whole map is tilted 15 degrees and every spawn point -15 degrees. Rotating spawn points gives very interesting results! You'll find out how confusing it really is once you play.

    Clock: 3 minutes


    Everyone is forced to play spy. I believe this will lead to interesting gameplay with all of the disguising going on alongside the awkward invisible bumping.

    Clock: 3 minutes

    Every stage will have its own unique song to play. So far songs include:

    SECAM - Mr.Oizo
    Pepper Steak - OFF soundtrack
    Dungeon Man Theme - Earthbound Soundtrack

    This map is planned to play on the April 1st Game day!

    *more will be added, and gimmick decision may not be random in the future

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