Rockwood a4

Not an innuendo.

  1. some more changes, trying really hard to make last fun

    • removed the dropdown flank at last completely, it was bad. very bad.
    • changed the flank shack after first point, its more open and isn't even a shack now
    • widened the left flank after first point
    • added some flat ground to certain areas
    • moth
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  2. path changes and better defenses

    • both A and B are now slightly pushed forwards, with A being in the tunnel and B being infront of the crate
    • shack route after tunnel has had its entranced moved to the side, meaning that blu must expose themselves a bit in order to use it
    • a wall has been added after the shack flank for the same reasons
    • one way drop at last is no longer one way
    • entire track section at b has been rebuilt to be sharper and more linear, also increasing the track length
    • red instantly...
  3. small changes in hopes of a better test

    • removed trees and bushes from playable space
    • changed last to make it better(?)
    • some clipping in places
    • some small fixes
    • still probably won't play great