Rock Layer Missingrocket A1

My first CP map, Built with a few ideas from other maps.

  1. Themex
    The Blu spawn of upward, and originally there was going to be the rocket of dust bowl on the final point.

    Both teams have to run to the first control point, The lower and higher red spawns are linked up with a map built Two way Teleporter! And for those cheeky Demo men, No you cannot bounce a grenade to destroy the tele. Ive tested it and had no successes. If it some how does happens, Let Me know!

    Any input on changes for the better would be greatly appreciated! And thanks for playing my map!

    No Mods are used on this map. All offline testing was done with bots, The map includes the sentry hints and such for the Engineer.
    20190812225727_1.jpg 20190812225735_1.jpg 20190812230101_1.jpg 20190812230115_1.jpg 20190812225711_1.jpg