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Robotic Boogaloo Mk. II v2

The scrapped Robotic Boogaloo mission-- fixed up and enhanced

NOTICE: This download does NOT include the original cut Robotic Boogaloo mission. If you'd like to see that, go here!

With permission from the original mission creators, here is a patched-up and enhanced version of the originally-scrapped Robotic Boogaloo mission.

Not trying to stray too far from the original mission; while this project does aim to "improve" the original mission, I'm still trying to maintain the "spirit" and style


Includes a popfile, custom icons, and a readme.

AkujiTheSniper ~ Original mission creator
AbeX300 ~ Original mission fixes
NeoDement~ Original icons, "Enhanced MvM Bots" mod
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Latest updates

  1. v2: Overhaul!

    -) Increased the starting cash from 400 to 500 -) Increased overall cash (including starting cash and max bonus credits) from 4000 to 5800 -) Rearranged waves into ascending difficulty ----) The former Wave 3 is now Wave 2 ----) The former Wave 5...
  2. v1a - Fixes!

    Since Akuji uploaded the original mission themselves, I'm turning this download into a "fixed" version that patches a few issues! If you'd like the play the original, unmodified version, check out their upload here! - Replaced the original...