Roadblock 2018-04-14

A New Map With A New Gamemode

  1. Iron Knight
    Roadblock, my first (and most likely my only) good map for the Connect 5 Contest!

    I have learned a lot since my last post, always pack your map, apparently a lot of you people don't like purple and black checker boards but you do like games like Connect 5 so I decided to make a new map for this new contest. I have always been fascinated by custom gamemodes, server plugins, or existing gamemodes that have been edited, and I always had a cool idea for a small little map that would hold 4 corner points and 1 in the middle.

    Roadblock is a map that uses the, uhhh, roadblock gamemode. The idea of this gamemode was made by me, but I wouldnt be here typing this if it werent for theatreTECHIE who actually created it in Hammer. It uses the 5 CP gamemode and has 5 control points, but all of these control points are active at round start for each team to fight over.

    The 5 attributes this map contains is:
    Symmetrical, City/Town, Alpine/Forest, 1 Object On A Bridge, and Night.
    (Note: This map has a sunset skybox but night and sunset fall under the same category.)

    This Map Contains:
    • Frontline! Assets
    • Electrical Fences
    • Active Planes
    • Bouncy Umbrellas
    • Team Colored Fog
    • Roofs To Walk On
    • Much More!
    I also plan to add much more to this map in the near future.

    I also have linked the download to the workshop page since the download is to large to post here.

    Post any problems or suggestions on my Steam Workshop page, as I am not very active here.

Recent Reviews

  1. Jack5
    Version: 2018-04-14
    Overflow error as soon as you spawn, bland open spaces, missing textures on models as well as poor lighting and draw distances on them. I can't play the map because it lags badly due to these issues.