ro3pont a5

terrible bridge-related decisions

  1. a5

    a5 changelog:

    - lowered the rock by BLU first spawn to make it harder to get cheeky jump shots over the shack roof
    - A changes:
    -- increased capture time to 35 (from 30)
    - B changes:
    -- removed small health and medium ammo in the short route
    -- added medium health and full ammo by the boarded window
    RED should be encouraged to hold around the point building and adjacent areas instead of forward where they'll be wiped and rolled.
    - moved health+ammo before bridge back into the corner
  2. a4

    a4 changelog:

    please stop praying for BLU team they have become too powerful and we cannot stop them

    - round timer caps at 8 minutes (down from 10)
    - RED respawnwavetime starts at 7 (down from 8)
    - A changes:
    -- capture time increased to 30 (from 10)
    BLU taking A tends to be fairly decisive, and RED had a hard time establishing at B before BLU arrived. this should give RED some time to breathe.
    -- A capture awards 4 minutes (down from 5)
    -- added a slight bit of cover before the entrance...
  3. a3

    a3 changelog:

    - changed A
    -- moved outside pickups into a slightly more vulnerable location.
    A played about how I wanted it to, although it fell a little too decisively for some players' likings.
    - changed B
    -- removed Window Gameplay
    it was an interesting idea but not appropriate here. RED got easy shots from a pretty nasty defensive position and players didn't expect it to be open, wanting to focus on fighting in the choke instead of through the windows.
    -- added another route into point...
  4. a2

    a2 changelog

    - changed A
    -- the capture area is further away from RED's entrance, allowing the previous direct entrance to act as a flank
    -- added a medium health kit nearby the point, positioned to help whoever's holding the capture zone
    - changed B
    -- rearranged bridge interior to make it a better combat space
    -- RED should find it easier to push out and clear the high ground
    -- high ground does not go as deep into the flank now
    -- added a small area for BLU to safely avoid the sniper...
  5. a1a

    oops had clipping off