Riviera A6

simple koth map

  1. A5

    Long time no see, took a long break from mapping cause i wasnt feeling motivated but anyways here´s the a5 update , hopefully it will make the map more interesting

    - Added some wooden logs to indicate where medkits and ammo packs spawn
    - Changed lightning to get a mediterranian feel to it (not final)
    - Spawnrooms how have a window for you to look out
    - Changed some out of bounds detail
    - Added sounds to when you capture the point , and you can now shoot the bell on the church (not final)
    - Improved clipping overall
    - Right route (blue´s left) has been flatned to reduce defender´s advantage
    - The play space around the flank has been reduced
    - The church is now more simplified in gameplay space
    - Removed some brushes to improve player movement
    - Added a sign to indicate where the player has to go


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