Riverrun a6

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Riverrun a6

A KOTH map taking place in an alpine shipping yard.

Riverrun is a King of the Hill map inspired by maps including Ashville, Gullywash, and Viaduct. On this map, RED and BLU fight for control of an alpine shipping yard containing several hundred tons of military-grade cargo.
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King of the Hill
3.00 star(s) 1 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Update: Riverrun Alpha 6

    Updated with version koth_riverrun_a6 Added upper deck area in front of house Extended battlements over house-side shipping container Added fencing along one side of bridges Reduced propspam on battlements Moved garage toward spawn Cleaned up...
  2. Riverrun Update: Version a5

    Updated with version a5. Changes: Centered and fit spawn visualizer textures to brush faces Added crates and storage shelving atop shipping container outside of garage Added small health and medium ammo packs to yard Opened up entrance from yard...
  3. Riverrun - Alpha 4

    Added ramps going up to the shipping containers outside of garage Fixed a bug where RED and BLU spawn doors were linked Added simple areaportal and hint/skip optimization Func_detailed some brushes Raised the roofs of the buildings by spawn...

Latest reviews

The lighting looks weird try less lights, and toward center of open areas inside your buildings but make them a bit brighter it looks like there should be a bunch of spotlights otherwise.

short version

less lights make them further from walls make them brighter