River A5

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River A5

king of the hill map

This is one of my first map so I would like to have as much feedback I can have to learn how to do good maps.

I wanted to have a style that look like sawmill and I took inspiration on many map for the shape. I'm not sure about the inside of the buildings, if you have idea to improve it (or if you think I should keep it like it is) I would like to know.

(English is not my first language so tell me if I do mistakes)
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. A5

    -added a garage near spawn -added boxes on the route that goes around the base and modified the route a little bit
  2. A4

    I hope I fixed a lot of issues in this version. I realy like to see my first map comming to life :). -raised a big part of the ground and the base -shrinked the wooden platform -lowered the path on the cliff a lot -I made displacements -removed...
  3. A3

    added a healtkit and an ammo pack I forgot to put on blu side changed the wooden path around the cliff for a rocky edge. I think it look more natural and less weird that way changed the roof of the saw building and added stairs to make it more...