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Rising rc1

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Rising rc1

A payload map with the theme of a desert that slowly leads to industrial/metal red areas.



This is Payload Rising
This map is a payload map with the theme of a desert that slowly leads to industrial/wooden red areas. The reason that the map is named "rising" is simple. The payload path rises. In fact, on the payload path, at no point does the cart actually head down apart from very slightly at the start.

Why Should I Download This Map?
Well if you do then leaving feedback for me would be greatly
appreciated as I have been mapping for 1.5 years and am improving a lot. I don't get a lot of feedback in the first place which doesn't help. It would also help you if you enjoy the map as you could invite your friends round for a game or two.

How Does The Map Play?
The map plays fairly well, there aren't too many paths but there are enough. I have attempted to balance the map for certain classes, although the map does favor snipers because of the long sight-lines, but only by a small way. As a Scout, you can jump on the rocks and roofs to get to places. As a Pyro or Spy, you are stuck to the lower ground but can use the cover to your advantage.

There are plenty of sloped paths and roofs for Soldiers to rocket jump onto and slide on, allowing chained rocket jumping. Engineers are very important on this map as there are obvious places for sentry's. There are a lot of sneaky parts of the map for teleport exits, allowing access behind enemy lines. For Snipers, there are nice balconies around the map with cover and a height advantage.

Although playing Heavy on this map is quite slow (as it is on most payload maps), there are a few flank routes that he can use to his advantage and rain down on enemy's. With Demo-man, there are edges where stickies can be places for a trap, include that with some thin corridors for Demo-men to shoot pills down or to charge through with the Chargin' Targe.

Briefly going over offence and defense. Defense is fun to play with sentry spots and height advantages, while offence tends to favor flank routes and cover to sneak up onto the defense.

Overall, if you do want to play my map then please do leave feedback, it really helps me out :)
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Latest updates

  1. Fina; Update 5

    - Last update for this map, moving on to other maps - Fixed spawns - Fixed perch points
  2. Update 4

    - Added cubemaps - Added detail around the map - Improved optimization - Added more cover that gives Blu and advantage
  3. Update 3

    - Moved the points back on the track to help Blu cap