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Rising a1

I finally made something!

  1. CriminalBunny
    I finally made something! :D

    This is a Construction theme, King of the Hill map set in a mountain scene.

    After working and refining this layout with different map names and themes, I've finally made something I feel happy with and hopefully decent enough to upload in this forum.

    I've been detailing this map since prealpha to practice some detailing and a bit of optimization, as I've placed some areaportals here and there (Thoughtfully, of course :D )

    Feel free to leave any feedback!

    This map uses the Construction Pack


    1. 001.jpg
    2. 002.jpg
    3. 003.jpg
    4. 004.jpg
    5. 005.jpg
    6. 006.jpg
    7. 007.jpg
    8. 008.jpg
    9. 009.jpg
    10. 010.jpg
    11. 011.jpg
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