Ridgetech B8

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Ridgetech B8

A single-stage Payload map with 4 control points.

A single-stage Payload map with a secret RED base that uses an abandoned mining town as cover. Map features a set of gates that opens when the cart reaches it., which gives RED some extra time to set up their defenses.

Special thanks to:
Psonday for helping during development
Lee23 for making the logo and some models
And everyone who help me playtest this map

Custom content:
Radio Telescope by KrazyZark
Forklift from More Vehicles by FGD5
Security Fence Expansion Pack by nesman
Horizontal Nucleus reactor particle by AsG_Alligator
Cinefx Goldrush Blue by ISPuddy
Rockwall006 fixed by Zungry (DarkVirus135)
HD monitor world by Yrr
Stripeless metal textures by Crowbar
RED Corporate Industries by Void
A metal door with a sign from Snowycoast by EArkham
A single texture from the Frontline Supply Drop
First release
Last update
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  • Backtrack
    A Payload map where you push the cart twice over the same bit of track.

Latest updates

  1. Updated to B8

    Added cubemaps Moved Red's spawn closer to C Added a new route into C Adjusted a flank in C Adjusted respawn times at Final Fixed dark resupply locker in Red's first spawn
  2. Updated to B7

    Changed the environmental lighting Increased the height of the path on the outside of A Removed the one-way doors between A and B Redesigned point B to make it shorter and easier to capture Remade the upper platform at C Moved the forward Blue...
  3. Updated to B6

    B1 to B5 havent been uploaded here. To summarize the changes since A3: Artpassed the entire map Redesigned the layout at D Made small layout changes throughout the map Added a forward spawn for blue after A is capped

Latest reviews

Not perfect but very fun to play on