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  1. g00dDog
    Version: r1
    Played well the first time and everytime! The build is spectacular, the bots well timed, and the unique double sided .nav routes keep a team engaged everytime!More map creators need to understand pacing spacing and geometry like THIS map demonstrates.
  2. g00dDog
    Version: b1
    Top heavy Bot population, disjointed paths, to dense with sidepaths, Giant bots get stuck behind a
    STUPID RAMP inside the Gate B spawn- a RAMP???
    The robots spawns are WAY out of balance.
    Gotr it in a contest, but never fixedthe problems on this OVERAMBITIOUS build !!
  3. g00dDog
    Version: RC5
    Link to download leads to empty dropbox download for
    My review of mvm_quetzal RC_2 wasn't relevant anymore.
    Version RC2 is on aserver I help maintain, and recently added a little starting money to a mission level, and FINALLY we were able to complete it.
    I was hoping for this update...
  4. Katsu! :3
    Katsu! :3
    Version: (2021-09-19)
    Great addition that should be added :D
  5. ShadowMan44
    Version: a1
    Knowing you, I can see this map turning out great! Unfortunately the 3-star rating has to do because the map isn't finished yet, obviously :P

    I'm hoping you pick this back up again in the near future, TF2 is in need of more Payload Race maps.
  6. ShadowMan44
    Version: rc5
    I don't have much to say that hasn't been said in my review of the last update. But, I'm glad you've updated the visuals here! Now it looks like it's ready for the smissmas update this year.