Multi Stage Resort V2A2

A/D CTF map with a "Mountain-Lodging house" theme... sort of.

  1. RataDeOrdenador
    Resort is a 3-Stage A/D CTF,based on a mountainous island with a RED lodging house on top of it.

    "After BLU's last defeat,the team decides to go on a vacation for a little bit. They discover RED has been using an hotel in the middle of a mountainous island to obtain all the funds for ammo,health kits and such. With all the relaxing moments still in their heads,BLU tries to capture that hotel and stop fighting for a little bit... Well,sort of."

    Basically I want to focus this map on some sort of "Territorial Control". Holding one (or more) paths as long as RED can,forcing BLU to push every time while holding their positions.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Grubzer
    Version: A2S1
    I think thats a good map. Layout looks interesting