Multi Stage Resort V2A2

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Multi Stage Resort V2A2

A/D CTF map with a "Mountain-Lodging house" theme... sort of.

Resort is a 3-Stage A/D CTF,based on a mountainous island with a RED lodging house on top of it.

"After BLU's last defeat,the team decides to go on a vacation for a little bit. They discover RED has been using an hotel in the middle of a mountainous island to obtain all the funds for ammo,health kits and such. With all the relaxing moments still in their heads,BLU tries to capture that hotel and stop fighting for a little bit... Well,sort of."

Basically I want to focus this map on some sort of "Territorial Control". Holding one (or more) paths as long as RED can,forcing BLU to push every time while holding their positions.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CTF

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Latest updates

  1. "Noice" Update

    Somewhat "big" update here. Time to read! First CP. Added 2 new flank routes (left one is somewhat crappy-ish. Gotta tweak it a little bit.) Added a small-ish "window" between the wire for snipers to,well... SNIPE. Centered the "briefcase" a...
  2. The "Why" update

    Fixed the second briefcase not showing the dropped/captured/return texts. Fixed a bug where players could send the briefcase to the first CP to get more time. HUD now doesn't show both CP "locked" Change textures on walls/doors between first and...
  3. "Fuck Everything" Update!

    This map got completely destroyed,scraped,burned,obliterated and remade from the ashes. With texts telling everyone if they have/captured/dropped the SUITCASE! (not a briefcase,a suitcase... you know,going on vacation. They can't carry the Top...

Latest reviews

I think thats a good map. Layout looks interesting