Residential A1

First stage of a two-stage, indoor attack/defend map

  1. TheNoobThatWas
    This is stage one of a two stage A/D map. The concept revolves around a multiple story mansion with a point on each floor. My goal was to make an indoor map that still allows advanced mobility options to function (rocket jumping, trimping, etc.)

    When the attackers capture point A, several doors open to the lower level of the building, giving them access to point B.

    The defending team will spawn on whichever floor contains the active point, but they have access to both point A and B through their spawn room.

    A tunnel behind point A spawn allows attackers can use to sneak to point B early. The tunnel is almost directly in front of the defending spawn though, so pushing up that far should be a challenge, or use it after capturing point A if the defenders have retreated.


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