refringent a5

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refringent a5

Gravelpit-style A/D, with explosions and lasers!

I'm trying to get back into mapping for a bit, and actually listen to criticism these times. Let's see how it goes!
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Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. small changes, more testing required!

    Hopefully im arriving at a decent balance, but A and B are still hard to defend. I'm trying small tweaks, and getting it on the server more! Thank you everyone who has been playing it!
  2. More big changes!

    I shrunk the wall sizes down to 16 mostly, redid half of A and some of B to make them more interesting/easier to defend, hopefully made C easier to attack, and lots of other tiny things.
  3. Fixed some fairly horrendous errors

    a2->a3 is more tweaking than major reworking, and I'm curious how it plays with hopefully more clarification, and less routes!