Redrapids a24

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Added cover near point B.
Added medium health near point B
Added a ramp for red to go up the second floor at point B
Fixed rotating sign
Fixed c gate
Reworked C
Changed Red respawntimer while defending C from 9 seconds to 6 seconds to matched the new changes
Added a fence on cliff near C
Moved the large ammo near point B but reduced the size to medium to encourage sentry placement for point B.
Increased size of the pack outside second red forward spawn from small to medium.
Reduced red respawnwave timer from 9 seconds to 7 seconds when defending D.

Fixed second red spawn closing the door on player.
Fixed areaportal.
Fixed being able to get back into red second forward spawn.
Added conveyor belt near B to limit demoman's capability to bomb into unsuspecting red before A is capped.
Removed two flanks each connecting A and B with Blue spawn.
Fixed spawn doors clipping through the floor in last spawn.
Added blue forward spawn for attacking point C
Moved Red first spawn.
Other minor changes
Changed red spawn exit
Made choke before C less powerful
Door to C now opens after B
Removed dropdown shutter.
Added a route to another building in underground tunnel.
Fixed collision of the sniper fence near point A.
Added fence near blue spawn