Redrapids a24

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Implemented a new control point-style B point. Experimental.
Has bug where the payload doesnt roll all the way back.
New spawn for blue team after capping B
Shortened distance between C and D
Added cover in area between C and D
Added highground more accessible to blue team at C
Lowered the water level at D
many changes
no time to list
Added a small forward rollzone between B and C for blue to quickly get through it.
D layout edited to discourage red pushing towards blue highground
Red now has 7 seconds respawn wave time after C cap
Moved the capture zone to the middle, which will hopefully make defending the cart after certain part to be more organic.
Added a nobuild to underwater geometry.
Brightened spawn
Removed the section above the metal gate to allow sniper sightline
Added a one-way door to the top of the pipe
Stop sign on the door near B and C is now removed after B cap
Added a window to D point
Redrapids is back

Changed the B design a bit so that less players accidentally flank the other team.
Added more highground for B
Made B smaller
Moved B door backward so players cant access later part of the map before B is capped.
Blue gets forward spawn after the turn table finishes turning.
Added a lot of health and ammo around the map
Made a door connecting the main route and the water route at D
Added sniper window looking at C
Why are you reading this
Moved C back to be more in line with the actual choke.
Fixed clipping
Fixed red spawn at last
Remade the entirety of the map from ground up with new theme
Added doors