Rednobble a4


  1. FRAЭR
    Current version is A4

    A2 Changelog :

    So Hello again ,

    This is a big update (in my opinion)
    So firstly i changed theme (now Frontline!) of my map
    (Previous was like a Sawmill Rainy theme)

    How it was looking and how it is looking now:


    And some other images






    -new blu baze
    -new skybox
    -frontline +
    -removed bombcarts
    -added building (on C)
    -added a tunnel between A and B

    If will find something some mistakes or pink-black textures , leave please a feedback

    Thanks to ABS' Mapping Pack , Frontline team , Egan , Eotl team , Construction team , AsG_Allligator , Dr.Face , Lee

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