Red Shadow Maggots [Fan-Game] 2020-09-07

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  1. Brogrammist
    UPDATE: The final version of RED: Shadow Maggots will be released on so be sure to Follow it to be notified of its release! For the time being, you can check out my Twitter for occasional development updates. Otherwise, the game jam demo will always be available to download on TF2maps.


    You control three menacing mercenaries on your quest to defeat the boss in this fan-adaption of Eltorro64Rus's spoof of a Raid: Shadow Legends ad!
    Mercenaries are distributed randomly when you begin the game, each are of a different rarity.


    How To Play:
    • Click on a Mercenary to select them as the attacker, click on an enemy (the maggots further from you) as the attack target
    • Click the Attack to begin your attack, a bar will start to fill up
    • When the bar fills up to the red zone, click to launch your attack for maximum damage!
    • Take note of the class triangle in the top-left corner and consider your character match-ups to make the most of your mercs!
      • Offense (Sword) beats Support (Potion)
      • Support (Potion) beats Defense (Shield)
      • Defense (Shield) beats Offense (Sword)
    This jam build contains a limited amount of functionality, we'd like to release a more complete version of the game with a more fleshed out combat system, animations and visual effects! A link to that will be posted here when it comes out.

    Meet the Team:
    Brogrammist - Programming
    Just 10 - Lineart and Colouring
    nekon - Colouring
    Uya - Music Composition

    Special Thanks and Credits:
    Valve Corporation for the IP, Sounds and Voices
    Eltorro64Rus for inspiring the project
    Tsunoa Games - Medieval Castle Pack
    Evgenia - A Piece of Nature
    Rexard - GUI Mega Pack
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Recent Reviews

  1. Squidward... no wait
    Squidward... no wait
    Version: 2020-09-07
    Just played it now. For something made in 72 hours, this is very good. I like the concept and how It plays, and I love how we get to play as these characters, but of course its to short and not enough to do. Which is why I'm really excited for how this game will progress. I hope for different lands (please make them based off of Eltorro64Rus's videos, and also other Garry's mod videos like Team Fabulous, more enemies that extend on the wackiness of the world, and cooler challenges, though I am sure you have already thought of these yourself. Overall, good game! Excited for where this goes!
  2. TheFluffycart
    Version: 2020-09-07
    I downloaded it and just played a few rounds to see what it's like, and I got hooked. The gameplay is simple enough to learn everything in a minute or two (A tutorial might be handy though). I also love the artstyle, the music, and just all the tiny little details that you managed to sneak into the game. One thing I noticed is that there's a bug where using escape to open & close the menu leads to the attack button disappearing from the screen, but it's not game breaking because you can just hit escape again then press the back to game button. You knocked this game out of the park, and I can't wait to see where it goes