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Reactor A12

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  1. 14bit
    This was my entry for the 2015-16 Dynamic CP Contest! It's a steel-style map with four points. It was called 'cp_notsteel' before a1, and 'cp_14bit' until version a4b. It placed 5th at the end of the contest.

    Here's how the points work:
    • Point A closes Red's door to A, unlocks B
    • Point B opens the path to C, moves Red's spawn back, and opens door to bridge to D
    • Point C locks Red's access to the battlements on point D, extends more bridges to D
    • Point D wins the game and triggers nuclear meltdown
    All of the points add more time to the clock when capped.


    Custom explosion particle effects by @Exactol, here's the download!

    Custom HUD icons and "Locked" door textures made by @Yrr
    HUD icons: http://tf2maps.net/downloads/custom-hud-point-icons.1243/
    Locked door: http://tf2maps.net/downloads/locked-door-texture.1228/

    Forklift model by @Rexy, here's the thread!

    "This door opens after B is captured" texture used in older versions was a modified version of @EArkham's "This door opens after A is captured" texture. It was modified and used with permission.

    Chalkboard textures pulled from cp_steel, additional chalkboard arrows and drawings by 14bit (that's me!)

    A download for the chalkboard assets and B door available here!


    As always, don't hesitate to leave feedback, and thanks for taking the time to look at my map!

    Screenshots are from a12


    1. hl2_2018-01-19_19-40-40.jpg
    2. hl2_2018-01-19_19-40-01.jpg
    3. hl2_2018-01-19_19-40-26.jpg
    4. hl2_2018-01-19_19-41-09.jpg
    5. hl2_2018-01-19_19-41-20.jpg
    6. hl2_2018-01-19_19-41-38.jpg
    7. hl2_2018-01-19_19-41-58.jpg
    8. hl2_2018-01-19_19-42-53.jpg
    9. hl2_2018-01-19_19-43-18.jpg
    10. hl2_2018-01-19_19-46-42.jpg
    11. hl2_2018-01-19_19-43-42.jpg
    12. hl2_2018-01-19_19-45-14.jpg
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