Reactor V2 A6

Now 40% more reactive!

  1. 14bit
    This was originally an entry for the 2015-16 Dynamic CP Contest, but it's slowly evolved into something more. It's a steel-style map with four points; I believe it was the first of it's kind when I first released it. It was called 'cp_notsteel' before a1, and 'cp_14bit' until version a4b. It placed 5th at the end of the contest.

    Here's how the points work:
    • Point A closes Red's door to A, opens a new route to D, and unlocks B
    • Point B opens the path to C, moves Red's spawn back, and extends a bridge to D
    • Point C locks Red's quick access to point D, extends more bridges to D
    • Point D wins the game
    All of the points add more time to the clock when capped.

    Special thanks to @Corvatile for the original art pass seen up through a12. I know you've blocked me for dropping you from the project and probably won't see this, but I needed to finish this on my own; it's too personal. Your visual style and wintry theme gave the map much needed personality and style, but it's time for me to take it in a different direction in 2020.

    Custom explosion particle effects used up through a12 by @Exactol, here's the download!

    Custom HUD icons and "Locked" door textures made by @Yrr
    HUD icons:
    Locked door:

    Forklift model used up through a12 by @Rexy, here's the thread!

    "This door opens after B is captured" texture used in older versions was a modified version of @EArkham's "This door opens after A is captured" texture. It was modified and used with permission.

    Modified chalkboard textures from cp_steel--as well as additional chalkboard arrows and drawings--by me. You can find them here!


    As always, don't hesitate to leave feedback, and thanks for taking the time to look at my map!

    Screenshots from V2 A1, you can find updated ones for each version on the Updates tab of this download


    1. hl2_2020-04-27_18-45-15.jpg
    2. hl2_2020-04-27_18-45-35.png
    3. hl2_2020-04-27_18-45-51.png
    4. hl2_2020-04-27_18-46-05.png
    5. hl2_2020-04-27_18-46-21.png
    6. hl2_2020-04-27_18-46-34.png
    7. hl2_2020-04-27_18-47-02.png
    8. hl2_2020-04-27_18-47-14.png
    9. hl2_2020-04-27_18-47-29.png
    10. hl2_2020-04-27_18-49-19.png
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