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rd_asteroid b0

rd_asteroid finally gets the love it deserves!

Hey all! After much time, I think this is finally in a spot to deem it ready enough to be uploaded, starting with b0.

NOTE: This is a work-in-progress. All feedback is greatly appreciated, but keep in mind that, since this is mostly an art-pass, I potentially just may have not gotten around to doing whatever it is that you're suggesting yet. : )

B0 Changelog:
NOTE: All changes are on RED side, for now. I'll eventually be doing a decent amount of asymmetrical detailing.

Custom Assets:
  • spaceship, spaceship_large by the wonderful Zeus, who made them upon my request (he has a download page for them)
  • space_airlock_thin_0, 1, 2 by me (variants of pre-existing ones in new sizes)
Gameplay Changes:
  • Decreased the core win amount from 300 > 250, so matches will hopefully feel less draining to play due to their length.
  • Augmented the area directly outside of left spawn door. From my experience, it can be kind of spammy, and is a very cramped area to push out of.
  • Lowered the platform holding the B bots. Partly for aesthetic purposes, partly to give a bit more height variety. Before, the entire area spanning from the first base entrances all the way to the core is exactly the same height. This now lets any class jump from the lower waterbank to said platform as a shortcut.
  • Scaled up the vents. The opening was extremely thin, and I wanted to give a bit more breathing room.
  • Added a bit more space to the area immediately past the one-way door, just so it was a little less claustrophobic (even though it's intended to be).
  • Replaced the underwater tunnel with a tube passage model, for both aesthetic purposes and so that it feels less exposing to travel.
  • Too many changes to count. Check the screenshots or jump in the map for yourself to see. : P
Some changes are temporary and some are experimental.
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