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rd_14bit A4

robots in london

there's robots, and they're in london

don't stand on the tracks, they are electrified

also watch out for the trains
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  1. A4: Setup time is better

    Plays pretty well, gonna see if that's still the case after 72hr. Trains do not start running until setup time is over Setup gates have been moved to the borders of the park This allows players to access the streets and the B and C bots during...
  2. A3: The core room is better

    People like this, and so do I. Added additional cover to the core rooms Adjustments to cover across the map Adjustments to health and ammo Added more cover around the C bots Other things, but I'm out of time to write them
  3. A2: The main route no longer looks like a flank

    People like it! I'm not happy with mid but everyone else likes it, so it might just be the routes around it I don't like. I've worked on those for now instead of redoing mid. I made the main route look like a flank in the other versions so I...