Ramjam v2

Ramjam v2 b3

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Ramjam v2 b3


A remake of ramjam but this time its not so god-awfully oversized. Originally this was started in like 2017 but never got around to working on it more, but since OzFortress showed some interest in trying out Ramjam again I decided to give it another go.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. b3

    b3 -added flank routes from jams > under cliff -reworked cliff to accommodate the new flank -reduced the size of the highground around mid to make it a more risky spot for jump classes -extended the mid shack structure towards the right to allow...
  2. b2a

    b2a -adjusted clipping and the new cover so snipers cant get on top of the mid shacks -block bulleted the cover near point so it doesnt eat splash damage -lowered skybox over mid slightly
  3. b2

    b2 -added more cover around the point to reduce sniper effectiveness especially from bats -nerfed cliff sightlines to reduce sniper effectiveness around cliff -slightly lowered cliff -reworked the fence covers near cliff to block players from...