Rainville a2

(Flashbacks to the Danktown Kerfuffle of 2015)

  1. SnickerPuffs
    A slight remake of "Raintown", the second map I ever made.

    It was adopted from Corvatile, then known as Brickanator, who put up their map Danktown for adoption. Me and a handful of others jumped at it and began releasing our own continuations of the map. Mine was the worst, as I moved the objective on top of spawn and removed all of the clipping. The only one of us that didn't immediately drop the map was Spipper, so check out his Blanktown!

    Anyway, this map fixes most of the issues my original edit had. The flag has it's own room, which is no longer directly above spawn. While many rooftops still remain unclipped, they have been intentionally designed to be playable areas.

    Since the map still heavily resembles the original Danktown map, I don't intend on continuing this map for very long, if at all. I just wanted to right an early wrong.


    1. ctf_rainville_a20006.jpg
    2. ctf_rainville_a20004.jpg
    3. ctf_rainville_a20005.jpg
    4. ctf_rainville_a20002.jpg
    5. ctf_rainville_a20003.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. a2: Minor fixes and experiments