RadShadowMan (forcetextureshadow) generator 2020-03-20

Generates a rad file with "forcetextureshadow" for every prop in your map

  1. Stiffy360
    This is a command-line program developed by Scott to generate a .rad file containing a "forcetextureshadow" entry for every prop currently in your map. This program can be executed by hammer on the top of your compile list every time you compile your map allowing you to freely add custom props, or props not specified in lights.rad to your map and not have to worry about updating your entry list to make it cast proper shadows.

    This will overwrite any current "mapname.rad" file you may currently have in your maps folder


    It will currently create an entry for every model regaurdless of whether or not it is translucent/alphatested

    Command line usage is as Follows
    RadShadowMan.exe "input"

    To use this in Hammer,
    -Extract the program wherever you like.
    -Go to "Expert Mode" if you aren't already using it.
    -Click "new" and move the newly created command to the top of the list.
    -Click "Cmds" then "Executable" and browse to wherever you extracted the program.
    -Under Parameters, simply add "$path\$file.vmf" without quotes.
    -You can then run the stack and never have to worry about texture shadow entrys again.

    Program created by Scott and uploaded with his permission. https://steamcommunity.com/id/523563476435234/