Radio b2a_a

Experimental Layout 1.

  1. January 15th 2022 patch 2

    Uploaded .BSP file instead of .VMF from the last update
  2. January 15th 2022 patch

    -Increased timer length by 1 minute

    -Removed a medium health pack on the Blu side that should have been removed in the last update

    -Made several optimization changes

    -Made some miscellaneous changes that are too subtle to be worth mentioning
  3. January 14th 2022 patch

    - Decreased spawn time by 7 seconds for both teams on all occasions

    - Replaced rock prop with the normal rock on the lowest end of the cliff

    - Removed health pack in the middle building

    - Removed health packs and ammo packs near the spawn exits

    - Added small health packs for both teams near the entrance to the middle building

    - Added a medium health pack and a medium ammo pack at the lowest end of the cliff

    - Made changes to some miscellaneous things that were confusing for some...
  4. January 13th 2022 patch

    -Made a lot of miscellaneous changes that are too small to be worth mentioning