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Multi Stage Radio Indev6

Experimental Layout 1.

This is the first map out of my experimental layouts series. In these maps I'm going to try different and crazy concepts to see how they work.

The idea behind Radio is very simple: it's small. In this map I try to make an arena-sized KotH work. And as of July 7th 2022 patch, this map is also multistage.

This map has custom hand-made bot support that lets bots feel better on the map. But on this site, only the map file is uploaded. If you wish to play with bots, go to the Gamebanana page and install the zip file that contains the map and the bot's nav file. Also, note that there's a bug on stage 1 that makes these bots stand still until the contol point unlocks.
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Latest updates

  1. July 7th, 2022 patch

    Indev6 - Added stage 2 -- Control point in stage 2 unlocks from the start and is captured by the winner of stage 1 - Widened an entrance to the control point building in stage 1 - Extended control point area in stage 1 - Connected lowest end...
  2. June 21st, 2022 patch

    Indev5 - Added better bot support - Adjusted health and ammo packs - Made some changes that are too unimportant to be worth mentioning
  3. June 19th, 2022 patch

    Indev4 - Reduced time to cap the point by 1 second - Changed entrance to middle from low ground route - Pushed the staircase forward in the back flank - Adjusted health and ammo packs - Added more space and cover to some places - Fixed a...