Radical A4

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Radical A4

Gooder than a Goodburger

Without a doubt the most bodacious map you'll see today, and my best creation yet.

Radical is a single stage 2 CP map that has things

Thanks to:

Hanz for letting me adopt Marsh, which would become this map in some form
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Tubular

    Wowee! This update changes a lot of things. This should make the map more enjoyable for all parties. Change Log: - Rotated everything after A by 90 degrees, so people don't just go straight anymore - Added a forward spawn for BLU that opens...
  2. Gnarly

    You though Radical was.... Well, radical before? Heh, you ain't even seen the most of it! Change Log: - Remade B and the connecting area to B COMPLETELY
  3. Now with 100% less screenshots!

    I don't have screenshots at the moment, so this'll have to do Change Log: - Added lots of cover around the map - Added a third spawn exit for BLU - Added a second spawn for RED - Pushed RED spawn away from second - Clipped a rock players could...