Pumpstation A11

A complete rework of an old map...

  1. SmallBiscuit
    Here we go...

    3 times redoing the entire map
    2 different gamemodes
    a massive learning experience

    and you get:

    Notes to self:
    Raise skybox
    Add signs
    Make lighting look less flat and make it look nicer
    Last doesn't seem that nice yet... might want to work on it...
    Would 3cp work better?

    Special thanks too:
    @OctoBlitz for moral support
    @A Boojum Snark for the amazing pack
    @Crash for the frontline pack
    cp_pumpstation_a110000.jpg cp_pumpstation_a110002.jpg cp_pumpstation_a110001.jpg cp_pumpstation_a110003.jpg cp_pumpstation_a110004.jpg cp_pumpstation_a110005.jpg cp_pumpstation_a110006.jpg cp_pumpstation_a110007.jpg cp_pumpstation_a110008.jpg cp_pumpstation_a110009.jpg

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