Pulling Teeth

Pulling Teeth A4c

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Beef Bucket
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. A4c: October 28, 2017 (Afternoon)

    Some miscellaneous polish and non-gameplay stuff. (Also, this update is technically on the same day as A4b but that version was pushed shortly after midnight.) Fixed an issue where all the OOB clipping on the Red side was about 64 units off...
  2. A4b: October 28, 2017

    A4b: October 28, 2017 Remade the setpiece and then changed it back I don’t know
  3. A3: October 14, 2017

    A3: October 14, 2017 This version was actually finished in a timely manner for once. Only two weeks have passed since A2, and one of those were spent waiting for the server to get its head out of its ass. Raised flank platform thing and brought...

Latest reviews

After playing a couple of rounds with bots, I must say this map embodies the essence of Team Fortress 2. Teamwork, strategy, and—the most important detail—fun. While I was skeptical of the medium health kit placement in the "pits under the cp, I found myself frequently using them and still dying. Plenty of areas to coordinate different points of attack from enables lots of strategy when playing this map. Once one team finally gains the control point—a process in of itself requiring hard work—new strategies have to be drawn up on the spot on how to maintain with sentries and a forward assault onto the opposing side.

From looking back, trying to be the first one to cap the control point took a lot of time to accomplish, seemingly draining the experience. Yet as I constantly died trying to cap, each death seemed to only enhance my drive for the center point and coordinating assaults (despite not being able to do so with bots).

This map is well worth everyone's time and I highly recommend the map maker to continue work on this, fine-tuning things as they see fit, and make this a map worthy of the main game.