Propaganda b18


  1. fixes from ESEA S30 feedback

    -fixed a lot of the issues pointed out by cin and hoi.
    -fixed some rendering issues with the skybox.
    -lowered the box by the shack on 2nd so sniper cant stand on it.
    -lowered height of shack on mid, so sniper cant get onto the wooden thing next to it.
    -shrank spawn and moved entrances away from point.
    -scaled down the height of a lot of buildings (I did this for two reasons. The buildings just visually didnt look like the right scale, and it felt a little too easy to high bomb on the map, anyways.)
    -shrank down some doorway sizes very slightly slightly. (choke is the only one significatly reduced, and that was just because I shrank the buildings)
    -moved the healthpack on mid.
    -moved the health kit from second into garage.
    -moved mids forward spawn a bit.
    -lowered the balcony thing over mids forward spawn.
    -improved clipping on the doors in cave.
    -lowered height of floor in cave a bit.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, it's much appreciated.
    I plan on keeping an eye on spawn timings in the future. I'm not changing it as of now, because it's very easy to mess with some unintended stuff there.


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