Prop Library [v1.3b]

Pretty self explanatory

  1. baylock_
    Since A Boojum Snark hasn't updated his Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack since late 2014, I decided to make my own Prop Library with new stuff in it.

    What's news?​
    ● Over 400 new individual props
    ● The Prop Library now contains every single alternate skin of the props
    ● Angles of the props (pitch, yaw, roll) is now set to 0 0 0

    The scope of this library is limited to models used for detailing a map. You will not find player models, animated explosion debris, etc.

    DO NOT load more than one library at a time! Hammer World Editor cannot load that many props at once and will crash. That's why it was split into 4 parts.

    Special thanks to A Boojum Snark for inspiration


    1. propLibrary_Part_A.png
    2. propLibrary_Part_B.png
    3. propLibrary_Part_C.png
    4. propLibrary_Part_D.png
    5. propLibrary_Standard.png
    6. propLibrary_Lite.png

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