Prize A3b

A simple KOTH map.

  1. Waveitup
    This is my very first KOTH map and my first venture into TF2 mapping. I've been mapping for a while now and have been looking to branch out from CSGO and HL2 into other source engine games.

    There are a decent number of routes to attack the main point; however, once you enter the main arena there are limited options for retreat. All class play-styles have been considered in the design process so it should be enjoyable to play no matter what class you main.

    All feedback is valued!


    1. Prize_A3B_01.png
    2. Prize_A3B_02.png
    3. Prize_A3B_03.png
    4. Prize_A3B_04.png
    5. Prize_A3B_05.png