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dont remember if i did drastic gameplay changes but i properly textured alot of stuff and detailed tons of it. most of the interior detailing was in the red side but i wanted to post this update couse i havent in a while
  • changed the spawns a bit
  • added more pickups and added the decals under them
  • updated the turbine room
  • added a tunnel from turbine room to outside
  • optimized the map
  • added some rooms
  • fixed the lighting (again)
  • made the main area brighter
  • added stairs from spawn area to the 2nd floor
  • minor adjustments
  • made the map smaller​
  • fixed the HDR lighting​
  • updated the lighting​
  • detailed it a bit (dont worry i can delete it for the newer versions)​
added more rooms in the akward hallway from spawn to mid

fixed red doors using one trigger