Prefabs - Box Of Features 1.1.0

A Box filled with a variety of prefabs!

  1. Box Of Paper
    Introducing :

    - A collection of prefabs made by a BoxOfPaper -


    Well then, after 5 years of playing around with hammer and releasing next to nothing I've finally come around and put together a bunch of things I made that are worth sharing.

    Such as:

    - All Class Toolboxes -


    With a custom building !!!
    Any robot that gets too close will be zapped and stunned... And it has 2 levels !

    Try out "gd_Pelago" to experience a singleplayer MvM game where you can place as many sentries as you want can buy!

    - - - - - -

    - Currency System -


    Did you ever want to add capitalism to your game?
    Well now you can!

    The "Currency" section currently has two prefabs, one adds a counter on your HUD, and the other lets you open up for business!

    - - - - - -

    - Gameplay Items -


    Also some gameplay related prefabs may be added, at the moment there's only the classic orange gate, setup to be one-way.


    If this is your first time using prefabs then follow this brief tutorial:
    Assuming that you put Team Fortress 2 in Program Files (x86):

    █▓▒░ To use the prefabs just drop the attached ◄◄( Team Fortress 2 )►► folder in:
    █▓▒░ C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common

    Then to actually use Prefabs click the Entity Tool :entitytool: , then on the right select:

    And presto! You can now use the prefab of your choosing!

    To correctly use the individual prefabs please refer to the attached tutorial "How To Use The Prefabs .txt".​

Recent Updates

  1. New Prefab: "Smooth camera"

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    Version: 1.1.0
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    Version: 1.1.0
    It a lot of help for future maps