Precipice Event

Precipice Event 01-01-19

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Super duper final version, with less vortex and more skeletons.
Reduced the file size of the map.
Actual version number change.
Version number has been changed.
Models have been packed properly now.
Should actually fix the server crash bug.
Playtesting version. Has a version number now.
This should hopefully fix the crash when loading on servers.
-Added the Underworld event area. Players have the option to enter the Underworld through portals which spawn once a checkpoint has been reached.
-A full clipping pass to prevent players getting stuck.
-Lightmap and other general optimization has been done to help keep FPS high.

-Redesigned blue spawn to look more appropriate to the theme.
-General polish to wooden buildings.
-Redesigned barn and house near final cap.



-Widened Tunnel cap, this allows blue to get in a little easier, and gives red some defensable positions early on
-Adjusted proportions of first cap for red, the balconies and walk ways are closer to the cap, allowing red an easier time with sentries
-Adjusted blu min spawn direction, it now outlets to the direct blu should travel after capping CP B
-Made the overhang building on the cliffside a one way door until CP C is capped, this again reinforces it as a defensible space for red.
-Adjusted final cap area, some sniper angles are gone
-Adjusted sightlines on CP A and B, cleaner reads

-Candles have been brightened
-Correctly packed new particles and cubemaps
-Added lighting in areas that were a little too dark
-Event elements are added in, but not yet active.