Precipice Event 01-01-19

A single-stage Payload map based around the transportation of a well of evil souls.

  1. Widened tunnel cap, changed final cap area, and removed some sightlines

    -Widened Tunnel cap, this allows blue to get in a little easier, and gives red some defensable positions early on
    -Adjusted proportions of first cap for red, the balconies and walk ways are closer to the cap, allowing red an easier time with sentries
    -Adjusted blu min spawn direction, it now outlets to the direct blu should travel after capping CP B
    -Made the overhang building on the cliffside a one way door until CP C is capped, this again reinforces it as a defensible space for red.
    -Adjusted final cap area, some sniper angles are gone
    -Adjusted sightlines on CP A and B, cleaner reads

    -Candles have been brightened
    -Correctly packed new particles and cubemaps
    -Added lighting in areas that were a little too dark
    -Event elements are added in, but not yet active.
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