Precipice Event 01-01-19

A single-stage Payload map based around the transportation of a well of evil souls.

  1. Major update: New spawns for Blu, removal of lower cliffs, etc

    -Removed lower cliff paths. Was too strong of a flank, for blue early on, useless as a push route toward end cap D.
    -Adjusted forward spawn exits to now outlet to the connector between A and B
    -Added a door blocker to the one-way door in connector. This blocks the one-way after cap A is taken by blue, preventing red from getting behind blu as they push cap B.
    -Added a mini spawn for blu. Blu gets access to this spawn after they cap B.
    -Changed forward spawn ownership after cap B. On cap of B by blu, forward spawn remains dormant for either team. Blu gets access to foward spawn after capping C.
    -Simplified cap D routes and rooms. The skybridge providing blu a flank onto the point is now gone. This should give blu and red a much more defined battle line, helping identify where to expect blu to enter the cap for red, and what areas red can occupy to defend the cap against blu.
    -Added additonal lighting to cap D to even out readability
    -Added lights in the cave that houses cap C. Readability improvement, etc
    -Added Signage for each cap, helping to direct players. (big goof that we didn't have this earlier)

    -Removed collision on handrails (whoops)
    -Removed collision on window models.
    -Cleaned up player clipping on mutliple areas thruout the map where players would snag doorway beams
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