Precipice Event

Precipice Event 01-01-19

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Greatest map in the game (for gigachads)
I enjoyed playing this during the Halloween event.
Sadly, for me and a lot of other players, this map just feels like one big choke-point to last. There's a lot of stuff that I'd see and just scratch my head at and wonder "why did they do that?" Active flanks that BLU can utilize to counter choke-points and the amount of actual playing space is minimal, and it feels like the only way to combat an area is to opt for spam all the way (which is absolutely not fun to play against.) There were also plenty of stuff such as rooms only utilized for ghosts to spawn from and bizarre pick-up placement that plagued this map and just didn't make it fun to play in the slightest. However, some of the effects that the payload gives off (the healing aura, vortex, etc) is a nice idea and visually really stellar. It's just a shame that the playing space given to players isn't as nice as some of the visuals. I'm saddened that I have to give this map such a bad rating but it needs a lot of work.