pp_powerjuice A5

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changelogs for a5
by @[PRG]Joshenkstone
-fixed getting stuck in the cart special thanks to @killohurtz & @Muddy.
-fixed getting stuck in the ramp special thanks to @killohurtz & @Muddy.
-fixed clipping isues at the roof of the buildings next to the middle of the map.
-the hud now shows the payload tracks special thanks to @killohurtz & @Muddy.
-there is now less console spam.
-updated corners of the rails.
-slightly moved the crates atop of the shelf.
-made the skybox higher.
-added missing models and textures.
-added a platform under the dropdown.
-added 1 powerjuice for each side.
-added a light to the special powerjuice building.
-added more signs.
by @BenCo
-updated lighting.
-changed the dynamite model for the tf_generic_bombs in the final building to a bomb moddel.
changelogs for a4
by @[PRG]Joshenkstone
-fixed players from getting stuck inside of the cart, Special thanks goes to @DrLambda.
-fixed the word "possible" being misspelt in the goal text.
-fixed being able to stand on a red setupdoor.(aparently changes have to be made to both sides on a semetrical map)
-rotated the rock under the new one way door at the blu side so it can be used as stairs... kinda.
-you can no longer build on top of the crain.
-repositioned a rock at the red spawn so it's less confusing why they are being stoped by a clipbrush.
-added signs showing where the powerjuice spawns.
-lowerd the filesize
by @BenCo
-added one way door from the special powerjuice spot.
-added a shelf with some crates on top of it to the crossover area blocking sidelines.
changelogs for a3 by BenCo
-fixed the crosover working properly.
-fixed the cart getting stuck at the top of the ramp.
-fixed the torches in the final building showing particles.
-fixed the map crashing.(hopefully)
-edited lights in spawnrooms.
-edited texture scale on the no entry sign on the spawn rooms.
-changed the amount and location of health and ammo packs in the last building.
-the railways no longer have shadows under them.
-the torches in the final building now ignite you.
changelogs for a2
-fixed being able to jump ontop of a setupgate.
-fixed text showing whenever the special powerjuice spawns.
-fixed players to get pushed into the wall by the payload in the final building.
-fixed the setupdoors in the under area on mid to not show the back of the frame.
-fixed the anouncer spamming you when picking up/droping powerjuice.
-changed the message displaying the objective to the goal text.
-teams are no longer being swiched after the end of the round.
-lighting should look better now. (darn' goin' trough life while bein' colorblind is hard)
-added several models around the crossover area both stoping some players from falling into the cliff and blocking sidelines.
-added some barrels to the final building forcing snipers to stand forward a little more.
-added a rock to the big corner close to spawn to give some more cover.