pp_powerjuice A5

The very first map featuring the powerpush gamemode.

  1. pp_powerjuice

    changelogs for a4
    by @[PRG]Joshenkstone
    -fixed players from getting stuck inside of the cart, Special thanks goes to @DrLambda.
    -fixed the word "possible" being misspelt in the goal text.
    -fixed being able to stand on a red setupdoor.(aparently changes have to be made to both sides on a semetrical map)
    -rotated the rock under the new one way door at the blu side so it can be used as stairs... kinda.
    -you can no longer build on top of the crain.
    -repositioned a rock at the red spawn so it's less confusing why they are being stoped by a clipbrush.
    -added signs showing where the powerjuice spawns.
    -lowerd the filesize
    by @BenCo
    -added one way door from the special powerjuice spot.
    -added a shelf with some crates on top of it to the crossover area blocking sidelines.
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