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A lot of the stuff I did in A3 made the map a lot less back and forth, without addressing the underlying problems of the map. This update should centralize it, putting more focus on the control point. It is koth after all.

Here's some changes:

- Removed the bridge thing
- Closed off the house that led to the bridge thing
- Made it easier to access the high ground again
- Opened up the high ground again
- Removed the chicken wire on the high ground
- Made the fences taller
- Removed that drop down fence thing at spawn
- Replaced it by cutting a hole in the diagonal building
- Shifted around cover
- Shifted around health and ammo
- Added some cover to get rid of sight lines to spawn
- Added silo
- Added some pipes...
- I think that's it

Thanks again for the feedback, I hope this version plays even better!



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Here's some changes:
- Got rid of dead space
- Changed the fences
- Reworked the areas above the point
- Made it more difficult to get to said areas
- Made those upper areas more covered
- Slightly lowered cap time
- No more death pit
- Changed small bits of cover
- Changed skybox and terrain textures
- Added displacements
- Added more ammo and health
- (Hopefully) improved team side recognition



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- Fixed the team spawning bug (I'm terrible at map logic stuff, sorry)

- I'm aware of the map's useless space, I'm going to retest to see what can be taken out.

Thanks for the feedback, sorry about the bug!