PopFileHelper a1

Import common popfile structures easily into your mission

  1. Hyperion
    This program is meant to help you to build your missions faster by giving you option to import common structures like Wave{} or Squad{}.

    Unzip the packet wherever you want. Make sure the "PopFileHelper.exe" and "PopFileHelper Templates.txt" are always in the same folder.

    open your popfile. Bad things will happen if you try to open anything but text files.
    Refresh: reloads the popfile. This is used for working with PopFileHelper and text editor like Notepad++ simultaneously.
    Save: saves the popfile (overrides the original. I haven't seen any bugs yet but I suggest you to backup your popfile first).
    Import Template: imports the template selected in the list. Templates can be edited in the textbox above (edits won't be saved). The template will be imported to your caret. Make sure your caret is on the start of the line.
    The popfile can be edited in the most bottom textbox.

    All templates can be found in "PopFileHelper Templates.txt". If you want to add your own templates, use this formatting
    :[Your template name]:
    [Your template here]
    :[Next Template]:
    When making your own template make sure it has correct formatting tab wise or you will get nasty but working result.

    At least AVG antivirus will scan this program when you start it first time. It is standard procedure and you don't have to worry about it.

    I made this completely yesterday and it will be part of a bigger program later.