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(popfile) Vindicated Vices V20

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Custom icon for the boss, and wave 4 spies are not as strong
only one spy was fixed, now both are
//-changelog V20:


//Removed the crutch spy's attack speed bonus

//Wave 3-Proper Boss icon, kinda
//Wave 5-Boss HP reduced to 35000
//-changelog V19:


//Removed AlwaysCrit off krit medics
//Removed all modifers off the small Tomislav heavies
//Renamed the Babyface scouts again

//Wave 2-Replaced the pyros with dragon fury pyros (skill easy), replaced the uber medic with a quickfix one, replaced the quickfix medics on the tomislavs with shield medics
//Wave 3-made no fly zone more noticable and he has his own icon, replaced the spies with kunai DR spies
//Wave 4-Tank has Skin 1, one more pair of the 3 enemy combos at the end, sticky demomen spawn much sooner, reduced scouts by 1 pre spawn (6 less overall), crutch spies moved to this wave
//Wave 5-giant soldiers increased maxactive to 2, and respawn set to 35 (from 25, giant cow mangs set to 15), pocket medics have leaderboard_class_medic_overheal_quickfix now, Not-spinny boi has a flaming weapon now. The dragons fury is now a normal giant pyro with a giant medic, the barrage soldiers have been removed as I feel they didn't really serve a purpose here.
//wave 6-removed giant medic off soldier boss, buffed deputy to 2500 (from 2000), reduced both boss HP to 20K (and removed firerate bonus off the don). Conch soldiers will always spawn from the center, giant vac meds have been made slighty slower. The pyro is a dragon's fury now, weaker elite spy returns to this wave
//-changelog V18:


//This is likely going to the last version before I get strike 3-so a few things before V18:

//This is every changelog in the popfile since I remade the mission, I scraped the older changelogs
//I have been working on this mission since April, and you can see how many versions it has gone through, I am going to be very upset if this gets DQS, I might even pull it from download
//I've also been working on new mvm maps, so losing this is going to be a major blow to my morale
//Don't any of you DARE accuse me of not testing this, I have had this mission tested many times, and that's not including the many hours I've spent just sentry-spamming to test the waves and the feel and get timings right. I'm very tempted to say fuck you for that.
//It's pretty obvious the mission needs to be "too easy" in public testing to pass, right... Making the changes...

//Anywho, moment of truth:

//Removed the blast blocker off the demomen
//Giant Soldiers' template AI has been increased to hard (not the backup soldier thou, who is still on easy)
//Normal Soldier's template AI has been decreased to Normal (from hard)
//Tomislavs shoot noticable slower (2X slower) and deal 25% more damage (so people stop asking if they shoot faster when killed by one)
//Loch Demo bullet resist reduced to 20%, HP reduced to 300, skill increased to expert (from hard), fixed explosive resist

//Wave 1-Giant Soldiers set to normal AI, Tomislav's set to Easy AI and respawn time increased to 12 and total count reduced to 8, 2nd subwave melee scouts reduced to 12 total, 8 second respawn, and 3 max each, they spawn in 3's now
//Pyros reduced by 1 (3 max active, 21 total active)

//Wave 2-Quickfix medic healrate and overheal reduced (to 2.5 and 1.25 from 3 and 1.5 respectively)
//Replaced 2nd subwave soldiers with pyros
//Replaced final soldiers with dragonfury pyros

//Wave 3-Gonna try to spice up the mission by reintroducing the No Fly Zone Scouts to replace the 3rd giant buff soldier on this wave, they are now giant scouts and have been greatly buffed (atm he's a boss) and are still very slow for a scout
//Other Giant Soldiers have been turned into giant demomen, who have no special stats other than 2X damage on easy skill

//Wave 4-Pocket scout skill set to normal, Don has reduced firerate, the giant jumping scouts come out 10 seconds later
//Changed the soldiers on Explosive vacs to burst fire demomen, and the heater heavies into dragon fury pyros

//Wave 5-replaced the first 2 giant soldiers with giant Dragon's Fury Pyros, reduced heavy and medics by 1 each
//Caber demos support respawn after 30 seconds instead of 15
//Replaced the final set of direct hit krit soldiers with demomen (with krit medics), moved the backup direct hit soldiers to replace the 2nd set of armored deflector heavies
//Reworked the cow mang soldiers

//Wave 6-Deputy was only meant to have 2500 HP!! Crap I somehow left an extra 0 in there -_-, I can see how that made this mission ALOT harder
//Replaced the buff soldiers with giant burst fire demomen (on uber med) and giant pyro (on krits med), conch support respawn delay has been increased to 25 from 20
//Removed a giant quickfix off the heavy boss
//Soldier Boss's HP reduced to 25000
//-changelog V17:


//Lowered Loch bullet to 50% and greatly Lowered Loch explosive resists to 10% on top of the shield (they already have the shield and I tend to forget that adds damage resist)
//All giant Meds HP buffed to 4500 (again, I thought they had less to be honest)
//All Giant Banner soldiers have extended banner now (should have had that to begin with, I guess I missed it, my bad)
//Removed "Riot" from shield medic's name, "Charging Cabers" renamed to "Charging Caber"
//Added Siren Busters-one more gimmick buster, this one is taken from my condemned mission
//Switched all waves to the non-resetting bomb
//Cow Manglers finally shoot faster shots, oops. They have been made a bit slower than other giant soldiers

//Wave 1-money reduced to 400 and wave has been drawn out a bit with more bat-varient scouts (+15 total both basher and fan),+8 total more pyros -1 delay per spawn,+2 total more tomislavs and +1 more delay per spawn,+1 giant soldier

//Wave 2-replaced one uber medic with a krits med, added 4 tomislav&quickfixes combos to the end of wave 2, removed one soldier from the final subwave squad (-3 soldiers to the wave total) to allow for more bots out at once without hitting the limit

//Wave 3-Phat shotgun heavy AI increased to hard, as they arn't full giants but need to be harder.

//Wave 4-fixed the wave paying out 975, it now pays out 1000

//Wave 5-Sticky Demo boss's HP buffed to 40K, the pocket medics spawn slower and add some more to pad out his longer existance, they have also been slighty buffed. Replaced Krit medics on the armored deflector heavies with uber meds. Buffed the spy and removed his ability to pickup the bomb.

//Wave 6-Made the giant backup soldier weaker and smaller. Giant shotgun solly's HP buffed to 30000 from 15000, giant tomislav heavy to 40000 from 20000 (I honestly thought the 2 bosses were tough enough, I guess not)
-changelog V16:


-Don's firerate has been made a bit faster

-wave 5-Nerfed the pocket medics and reduced effects
-wave 6-fixed a end-of-wave glitch
//-changelog V15:


//Reduced Stolen Chips Runner gains minicrits instead of crits, they do alot of damage once they get crits, too much.
//reverted bat icon back to scout_bat
//Heater Buster no longer shoots bullets

//-wave 2-Reduced delay at the end of the wave, added conches to subwave 1 and scouts spawn at random spawns
//-wave 3-Pocket Scouts firerate reset back to normal, swapped to wave 4
//-wave 4-Removed the Giant Cowmang sniper because it didn't really need to be there, gave the loch snipers a 40 second starting delay, added spies to the final subwave, swapped to wave 3
//-wave 5-Replaced the boss icon and is no longer spinny boi, buffed the boss with overheal ability and medics, removed money off spies, reduced delays on the last subwave
//-wave 6-Added Giant Backup soldier to the shotgun boss, made vacs into giants, buffed Vac medics HP, and reduced total active scouts by 1
//-changelog V14b:


//-wave 5-Added 2 giant cow mang soldiers to the 2nd subwave, changed the normal giant soldiers into cow mangs