(popfile) Horzine Hospitality A2fix

A redone update and advanced mission for mvm_condemned

  1. Does anyone even read this?

    --Removed the commented out code that messed with the poploader, that's it, I don't know if i have to heart to keep working on this.

    Now the mission is set to be judged by Potato's once again, what will I be chastised for this time?
    --The atomizer icon facing the wrong way?
    --The money not being divisible by 50?
    --"Not **Properly** testing" this?
    --The mission was too easy, then too hard, now it's too easy again?!?
    --Just making a mission for condemned?

    Ugh whatever here's the update, if the judging turns out harsh with no positive reinforcement I'm done.
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