(popfile) Horzine Hospitality A2fix

A redone update and advanced mission for mvm_condemned

  1. 'beatable' Update?

    //--changelog V3:

    //fixed major syntex errors
    //most robots that had resists don't have them anymore, or it is greatly reduced
    //Short Curcuit Engies (EDAR's) now have reduced firerate, but deal more damage. This should help shank their effectiveness against scouts.
    //Brutes now resist all 3 damage types with 75% resist, but take normal melee damage and greatly increased crit damage, also hp is now 400 VS 500
    //Stalkers don't auto-attack anymore
    //Alpha Clots and Rioters have reduced melee damage
    //Patriarch is slighty slower but him and his rocket launchers are a bit tankier, also added his claw arm
    //added Edar Bombers (demomen) to some waves

    //all waves: increased payouts again, it's become clear this mission isn't doable with the current cash drop and ALOT more is needed, also increased the starting money to 666 (yes, we're doing that)

    //wave 2-less Curcuit Engies, slighty more crawlers, restructured the wave to include another subwave.
    //wave 3-completely removed all backup scouts from the wave, replaced the first backups with gorefiends with Curcuit Engies, replaced all others with Curcuit Engies, the Ranger Engies have a warmup time before they arrive after the 1st subwave

    //I've removed the final wave for now; it's going to be completely reworked and I'd like to iron out the other waves first.
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